New Opel Insignia 2016

The testing for the Opel Insignia 2016 is on progress and as per the spied information it will be a great sedan. It is reported that the sedan will ride on an updated version of the Epsilon II platform. The styling is expected to be a bit finer than the previous model. Based on the spied photos, this model will get new engine preferences, redesigned interior and a decorative face-lift. The release date of Opel Insignia 2016 is not yet confirmed but it is likely to reach most auto markets by the end 2015.

Opel Insignia 2016 front

Opel Insignia 2016 – Engine Specs:

The new 2016 Opel Insignia will outsource its power from three engine options. The first option is i-diesel engine motor fuel that will be able to output up to 81 kW. The second option is an LPG engine that will use nuclear reactors and will be able to make up to 325 hp. The third option is the 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine that will make 88 kW or 120 hp and 103 kW or 140 hp when only using 99 g/km of CO2. This model will be paired to a six-speed automatic gearbox something that makes it able to consume 3.7 liters of fuel after every 100 kilometers (61 mpg).

Opel Insignia 2016 rear

Opel Insignia 2016 Redesign:

To start with, the new Opel Insignia 2016 will come with a new platform that is an update of the Epsilon II version. The fresh look of this model will be divined by the Opel Monza Concept. Design updates on the exterior of the new 2016 Opel Insignia include but not limited to new front and rear bumpers, better headlights and taillights as well as daylight LED lighting and fresh grille. Wheels will be refreshed and broadened to make the car suitable for all kinds of exposures. There will also be a decent aluminum strip running off from the roof into the taillight cluster.


Opel engineers are also planning to upgrade the interior look and design of the new Opel Insignia 2016. In overall, the interior will be upgraded to meet the needs of the potential buyers. In the center console, it will have a 8-inch monitor, rear-view camera, navigation systems and entertainment systems. Finer materials and clean colors will be used when designing the interior something that will make it look more sporty and amazing. Seats are made from leather and metal supports making them comfortable enough. To provide enough room for passengers and luggage, the interior space will be increased. Safety will be guaranteed through the installation of high quality safety features like air glasses, collision control and many more.

Opel Insignia 2016 interior

Opel Insignia 2016 Price and Release Date:

Rumors regarding the arrival of the new Opel Insignia 2016 model claim that it will be due by the end of 2015. It is as well claimed that the new Sedan will be available at the start of 2016. If you want to buy this model, you should be ready for the purchase by the mid of 2015. Little is known about its exact price but based on rumors likelihood of Opel Insignia 2016 price starting at $60,000 is very high.

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