Honda Accord 2017 price, interior

The new surprises created from Honda are creations that people cannot wait until they see them. Everything that is related with Honda, their customers love it. Now, Honda will represent their new model Honda Accord 2017. The model has a lot of changes and redesign with sophisticated upgrades that can make you feel speechless even at the first look. Everything related with exterior, interior, engine, release date and payment, you can find it in this text.

Honda Accord 2017 front

Honda Accord 2017: Exterior and Interior

Some of the rumors about the new Honda Accord 2017 are that there are lot of similarities with the new TLX, but whatever, it doesn’t mean a lot because this model has more potential buyers because there are some ads that give to the model more attractive look. The exterior of this Honda Accord gives more aggressive look to the model. On the front side there are some body lines with shaped. Whatever, the appearance of this auto is luxurious than before. Also, the front end of the model has new light bulb and the god lights have totally new redesign. The light bulbs give to the model result for more attractive look. Through the evening driving the ACL active light bulbs can enable you to have better visibility. Also, with this model you will get larger wheel.

In the interior we can find more changes. For example, the cabin has bigger space than before, so it can give more comfort to the passengers. Also, the design of the seats is promising luxurious look just because it is also foldable for more payload room. Also, the chairs of the passenger on the front side are collapsible, so you can put some products inside. With this model you also get touch display with 8 inches, that offers higher technology. There is also system that includes electronic camera, so you can be in track with the surrounding.

Honda Accord 2017 interior


What is under the hood is something that maybe the customer appreciates the most. There is 2.4 l engine and four cylinder engine. The engine is with direct injection and it can produce around 190 horse power. Related with the DCT transmission, the power can get over eight speed DCT. The aerodynamic redesign is offering gas economy, because every customer wants it. The V6 engine definitely gets better efficiency and energy economic situation, so if this is something that can help you decide about the auto, you can get it without any doubt.

Honda Accord 2017 side

Honda Accord 2017: Release Date and Price

The last information about Honda Accord 2017 is related with the release date and the price. There are some rumors that is expected the price to vary around $ 27 000 to $35 000. The details about the official release is not yet published, but from the last experiences, it is expected this new Honda Accord 2017 to be shown on the dealership at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. Definitely, this new model of Honda will attract lot of customers and lovers of the Honda’s models. This is not some of the usual models because with the upgraded redesign and the higher technology, this model can offer a lot, and not only offer because the promises are going to be reality.

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