Audi Q4 price

Over the time the face of auto-mobile industry has changed for better. Today we have better cars with better engine, interior and better safety features. The advent of new auto-mobile enterprises in the market has coaxed the esteemed companies to reconsider their strategy and start designing and manufacturing cars that are powerful, stylish and fuel efficient at the same time.  Audi Q4 meets all this.

Audi Q4 front

Audi understands the pressure well and they have channelized this pressure into designing a car that can cater to the needs of people across the world. The cars from the house of Audi have always been an exception. The new car that they are going to launch is amazingly superb and has all that people are looking for. Audi is here to enamour your senses for lifelong. Q4 is similar to Audi Q3 in size and in design.


Audi Q4 is an amazing car with exceptional interior and powerful engine. It has the requisite engine that allows the speed lovers to thrive through the road and achieve the requisite fun.

The company aims to release the car in the mid of the financial year 2015. The car is going to have various power options to choose from. If reports and rumours are to be believed the company is going to offer five different engine options. Turbo 2.1 litre turbo engine with a power of 160 hp is going to be the basic model of Audi Q4 and the other models are going to be 3.0 Litre and 3.2 Litre engines. The 3.0 and 3.2 litre engine will have different power options to choose from. Two electric motors are added to increase the efficiency of the embedded engine. The car can achieve 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds.

Audi Q4 side


The new Q4 has some new features like five doors. The car is based on MLB platform and it is going to smite more and more customers for Audi. The sharp, modern and aggressive design of the car is going to enamour youths. The trepidation inside them will increase and they will crave to have this car in their garage. The exquisite leather seats and the soothing music are too good for the souls of comfort lovers. The cosy lightening and the amazing safety features will make you feel like being at home.

Audi Q4 interior

Audi Q4: Price and Release Date

Audi Q4 is an awesome car and people with affection for auto-mobiles are going to pay any amount to avail it. Audi is planning to release it at an amateur price of 48,000 USD and the release date is believed to be around the mid of the year 2015.

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