2017 Honda Accord Spirior

During a face-lifting event at the Beijing Auto Show in China, the 2017 Honda Accord Spirior was unveiled. This comes five years after production was kicked off with Honda and its Chinese joint-venture partner Dongfeng Honda Automobile. The exterior design has emphasized body lines, an aggressive grille and hood alongside amazing light designs. The exterior changes are minor, but still keep the model outfitted with a distinctive outlook and a new styling concept that spreads from its front fascia.

2017 Honda Accord front


Although it is not identical to the new Acura TLX, it gives the appearance that it could have been designed by the same collection of engineers. According to Honda, it is set apart from the TLX by way of dynamic performance, technologies and impeccable safety features. The Accord that has been rebadged for China, will receive enhancements that are geared towards making it more attractive to its consumers. Yet, Honda is not allowing specifics regarding any aspect of the car to be released into the public.

The 2017 Honda Accord model is equipped with the latest technology as it pertains to the entertainment and information systems. This is a great compliment to the heated and cooled seats, boat trip control, multifunctional infotainment systems, touchscreen and remote engine start and more.

Honda has not as of yet released any pricing information regarding the updated 2017 Honda Accord, although the information is expected to be known before its official debut in 2016. It is safe to expect fairly competitive price due in part to the revamping of the line is to attract a broader audience. Most notably, Honda greatly desires to break through the Chinese market while expanding upon its foot hole with American car buyers.

2017 Honda Accord  interior

There are insiders that contend that in order to achieve their goal of a broader audience, Honda may release a version of the Accord specifically designed for the market within China. This is pure speculation and wishful thinking at the present time, but not denied via the company either.


2017 Honda Accord is powered by a 2.4 liter i-VTEC, four cylinder gas engine with the capability to reach an output of approximately 190 horsepower; and will be coupled with a DCT eight speed gearbox. Additional details regarding the engine of this vehicle are being kept under lock and key by the company, leaving industry experts to speculate. Floating about in the midst of the speculation is the ideal that a V6 will more than likely be used as a method to increase the fuel economy rating of the car as well as increase the car’s performance aspect. Although the vehicle is still within its development stage, it is believed that it will emerge much more aerodynamic than its predecessors.

2017 Honda Accord rear

2017 Honda Accord: Price and Release Date

The precise date that the 2017 Honda Accord Spirior will be released into the market is unknown, but it is rumored that it will make a substantial amount of appearances at Motor Show America during the year 2016. Barring a delay in production that would push the release to late 2017 or early 2018, it is fairly safe to contend that the world will be introduced to the latest generation of the Accord in 2016.

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