2017 Ford Escape titanium, hybrid

Ford has a special place in the minds of car buyers. The company has well-versed knowledge about automobiles. Their vehicles have been performing well in the markets. All their models are received well by the buyers owing to their performance. The company is now set to release their model, 2017 Ford Escape. It is under the development stage and much of the information is not known. With the available data, let us quickly review the changes and spec of the new Ford’s model.

2017 Ford Escape front

2017 Ford Escape: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The new 2017 Ford Escape will have some desirable changes in the exterior. The looks of the new car seem to be improved. The grille is expected to have some changes to appear more elegant. The headlights will utilize LED lights. This will be designed to provide a clear visibility during the night travels. The wheels of the car will be robust and are designed to handle tough terrain conditions. There will be modifications in the bumpers of the new model. The overall weight of the new model will be reduced to improve the fuel economy. The component of the car body will be made of high-quality aluminum. The provision of wipers in the front as well as in the back have been proposed. The fog lights are designed with advanced technology to give a clarity in vision during the fog conditions. The tailgate design changes have been employed in the new car.

The interior of the new 2017 Ford Escape will have many changes. The infotainment system is said to be advanced in the new car. It will have the high-quality audio system and speakers to provide a pleasing experience for the passengers. The interior colors are said to be available in multiple though it is yet to be confirmed. The dashboard is very elegant with all the necessary accessories for the drivers. It will have a touchscreen to control the functions of the car. The brake system and the steering functions will be improved to provide a great driving experience. The spacing between the seats have been increased in the new model. They will be made of high-quality leather materials. The passengers have enough space to navigate within the car. The climate control system will help in the regulation of temperature within the car. 2017 Ford Escape is built on a comfort platform to accommodate up to five passengers. The safety features like rear view parking sensor system will remove the hassles of parking without collision. There are other safety features like lane departure system, cruise control system, traction control system, and so on. The navigation system will be advanced in the new car. The other key features include the WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, USB ports, infotainment monitor, and so on.

2017 Ford Escape interior

2017 Ford Escape: Engine Specs

The new 2017 Ford Escape will have a couple of engine options. The base engine could be a 1.5-liter Ecoboost unit. The torque from this engine is said to be around 185 lb-ft with 181 hp. The other engine could be a 2-liter Ecoboost unit and it can produce a torque of 270 lb-ft with 240 hp. The engines are considered to be quite powerful and offer a good fuel economy.

2017 Ford Escape side

2017 Ford Escape: Release Date and Price

The new 2017 Ford Escape will hit the markets towards the end of 2016. The price of the new 2017 Ford Escape will be around $ 22 960 and the higher trim options will cost more than this. So lets wait and watch the performance of this new model on the roads.

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