2017 Buick Grand National gnx, price, specs

We probably do not have to wait for too long before we get a chance to see the 2017 Buick Grand National. The wait for a vehicle that is both well designed and classy is finally over because in the new 2017 Buick Grand National you have a vehicle that offers many features that are normally not available to those who opt for another similar car in this class. The new Buick Grand National has undergone a number of very impressive technological changes that will help to make it the best in its class.

2017 Buick Grand National front

2017 Dodge Dart: Redesign Exterior and Interior

We expect the interiors to be comfortable and nice. You get to sit on leather-upholstered seats that are height adjustable for both driver as well as front seat passenger. The new 2017 Buick Grand National is also designed to be very aerodynamic. This is a new feature that will make this car very pleasurable to drive. Not much is known about the interiors but you can rest assured that the interiors will be of a very high quality.

The exteriors of the new 2017 Buick Grand National have been changed to make it more aerodynamic. This will certainly ensure that you will get a chance to enjoy the thrill of driving the vehicle at high speeds. Besides the changes made to the exterior, the carmaker has also decided to offer more exterior color options to buyers. This means that you can pick and choose any shade to suit your individual tastes and needs. The exciting color options will help to make the new Buick Grand National a more trendy as well as classic car.

2017 Buick Grand National interior

The new 2017 Buick Grand National will be introduced as either a coupe with just two doors, or it may also be sold as a 4-door sedan. The carmaker may also offer a GNX Sport luxury variant, which again will be a coupe. In fact, the GNX Sport will be a very advanced coupe that will be based on the same platform and style as the Cadillac CTS and the Chevy Camaro. The Grand National will ride on the Alpha platform.

2017 Dodge Dart: Engine and Fuel Economy

Under the hood, the new 2017 Buick Grand National will probably get an engine that is borrowed from other Buick vehicles. Till now, the carmaker has not provided any details about what it plans to put under the hood. However, we do expect that GM will use a 3.5-liter V6 engine that generates about 280 horsepower and 265 pound feet of torque. The engine will probably be mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission that is capable transferring power in the most efficient manner possible. This engine will also be more fuel-efficient and we think that it will provide 20 percent better fuel economy than the previous models. The new 2017 Buick Grand National will be a much-awaited car that promises to deliver outstanding performance and good fuel economy.

2017 Buick Grand National rear

2017 Buick Grand National: Release Date and Price

There are reports that suggest that the new 2017 Buick Grand National will be available in dealerships by the middle of next year. The new 2017 Buick Grand National will have a price tag of between 28 200 and 30 400 dollars. These prices are reflective of all the changes that the carmaker has made to its new Grand National.

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