2016 VW Touran redesign

Volkswagen Touran is a compact mid-sized MPV which was initially launched in the year 2003. This MPV’s first generation experienced a minor facelift in the year 2010, and four years later in 2015, a new second generation Touran was released. This time round, the automaker wants to introduce a redesigned second generation model whose prototype has been spotted testing on the German roads. There are a lot of speculations concerning the upcoming changes in the 2016 VW Touran. Its enthusiasts are however certain that the new model will be at the top upon its release. The manufacturer has not disclosed the features of the new Touran, thus causing the speculations to build-up among its faithful fans. When compared with the outgoing model, the 2016 VW Touran bears similarities with the current model. However the changes which are expected to be made will be on its materials as well as upgrading its features.

2016 VW Touran front


The manufactures will utilize the latest technologies along with top of the range features and Touran’s latest MQB platform to surprise their fans. There will also be quite a number of alterations and slight modifications on some of the existing features to make them compatible with a modern day MPV. This well known car manufacturing company will exhaust all its efforts to make sure that the new car’s weight is not compromised especially after its reduction from the 2015 year model. As per the changes, they will begin right from its front where the headlights and the grille will go through a touch of change. Its bumpers too and the hood will also be refreshed to bring in a more fashionable appearance.

Inside the 2016 VW Touran, there will be improvements in its equipments. For instance, the MPV will feature easy folding seats to enable the user to adjust to a desirable seating position. Just like its’ amazing exterior, its interior will be highly attractive and comfortable. This is why a majority of car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of the 2016 VW Tiguan. Most modern car amenities shall be used in order to create an enjoyable riding experience.

2016 VW Touran interior


The engine under the hood of the redesigned model will also add to its overall value. The engine will consume very less fuel unlike the previous versions. It s believed to be propelled by the 2.0 liter TDI diesel engine which will generate about 150 horsepower. Another expected engine under the hood of this model is a 1.2 liter TSI petrol engine with a potential to produce about 105 horsepower. This new model will certainly be highly fuel efficient as compared to its predecessors since it will be equipped with the Blue Motion, a VW fuel intake program. Owing to this Blue Motion technology, the 2016 VW Touran is projected to have about 61.3 mpg and about 121 gm.km CO2 emission.

2016 VW Touran rear

2016 VW Touran: Release Date and Price

To date, there are no news about the precise release date for this new model. Nevertheless, 2016 VW Touran is expected to be unveiled towards the end of 2015. Its price is also not known but it might be at a close range to that of the outgoing model which costs about $ 19 500 to 30 500.

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