2016 Volkswagen CC

The 2016 Volkswagen CC is the next modern car which is going to be launched by the German auto manufacturing company, Volkswagen. Indeed, Volkswagen has grown to become a unique internationally highly-praised car manufacturer. When it comes to style and inventiveness, this company has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it is on top of all the rest. Practically every vehicle that comes from this company takes the world by storm, and this 2016 Volkswagen CC is not going to be an exception. Apart from its expected design, Volkswagen has announced that the new 2016 Volkswagen CC might be built closer to where the bulk of its model will land. This move is as a result of the rising production costs, thus the company has though it would be wise to shift production to either USA or Mexico.

2016 Volkswagen CC front


2016 Volkswagen CC  is expected to come with several new features, and its price too will be affordable. The initials ‘CC’ stand for “Closed Circuit” or ”Comfort Coupe”. In this case, Volkswagen enthusiasts can expect nothing short of comfort in this car by the time it is finally released for sale. It is rumored that this car will acquire a lot of entertainment features which will make this car one of the best in its category. Again, it will certainly come with bigger interior features which will enhance passengers and driver comfort. Its cargo space is expected to be larger than in the present model. Furthermore, its seats shall be padded and they will be covered using high quality materials. It is expected to come with four doors, and it will be able to accommodate four adults’ passengers conveniently.

2016 Volkswagen CC interior

Moreover, there will be first class entertainment and security features which will make the 2016 Volkswagen CC the safest coupe` to drive in. Further reports indicate that this car will be built on the MQB platform. It is going to be widened and lowered to create to make it a dynamically competent car with slim looks. This new midsize coupe will have standard door handles, large door mirrors and LED headlight technology.


Until now, no one is certain about what engine 2016 Volkswagen CC will utilize by the time it will be made available for sale. However, there are indications that this auto will run on a turbo diesel engine which is expected to generate about 109 horsepower. There are also rumors of another engine option which is expected to generate about 280 horsepower. There will be another model which will run on a 2.0-liter TDI engine.

2016 Volkswagen CC side

2016 Volkswagen CC: Price, Release Date and Competitors

The price of 2016 Volkswagen CC  is still unknown, but there are indications that its base model will go for about $ 35 000, while its higher trim levels will certainly cost more. Also, there is no clear information about its release date. However, some people are for the opinion that this machine might hit the auto market bin summer of 2015, while others insist that this car cannot be available until 2016. Regardless of its release date, its potential buyers will definitely be satisfied with everything in it. Competitors of new Volkswagen model on market will be: Audi A6 and Mercedes CLS.

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