2016 Toyota Mirai price, mpg, specs

The Mirai is a four-door sedan which is closely based upon the FVC concept car, and whose range is 300 miles on a single full tank of compressed hydrogen. This sedan is designed to create fun when driving it, just like the Lexus hybrid model. A new Mirai is being designed for the 2016 year model. It will be good news in the auto world considering its fuel cell technology which will offer an innovative way of utilizing energy without any emissions. Indeed, the name ‘Mirai’ which when translated into Japanese means ‘future’ speaks for itself. This model spells out Toyota’s new vision for hydrogen as the future vehicle fuel. It was unveiled during the Tokyo Motor Show a year ago. Upon its release, the 2016 Toyota Mirai will be one great sedan which will transform the auto market. This model is a product of hard work and extensive research which has taken the automakers about 20 years to complete. Its’ completely carbon free aspects will excite everyone.

2016 Toyota Mirai front


It is projected the 2016 Toyota Mirai will come with rather complex ultramodern features. It will get low air intakes and on their sides, there will a fog light inlets which will also absorb air. Its hood shall be a bit smaller making its nose to seem to be floating above it. The headlights will represent high-tech and sophisticated luxury with their novel design of an ultra-thin profile with four LED lights and visible heat sinks. This model’s front turn signals and clearance lights shall be separate from the head lights thus creating unique design with aerodynamics which will improve its air flow. This front design is a new technique which the automakers came up with to enable the car to draw in as much oxygen as possible for the FC cooling system. On the other hand, there will be swept-back head lights just above the small upper air-dam, and they will partition the nose and the hood. Around its back, this model will feature thick pillars and a contemporary overhang design with a light bridge in between its tail lights. The 2016 Toyota Mirai will feature 17 inch aluminum wheels which will be lighter owing to the use of the engraving process during manufacture. The sedan will come in six body colors.

On its interior, 2016 Toyota Mirai will be as futuristic as on the outside. The front and rear compartment will be quite satisfactory in terms of space. Its cabin will be quite sophisticated with soft padding on the door trims and on other surfaces, combined with a high-luminance sliver finish all over. Its front seats will be unique since they will feature superior body fit and hold through their integrated seat foaming production process. Furthermore, they will be adjustable in eight ways enabling the driver to set to the best possible seat position. Another standard feature will be the lumbar support function on all the seats. Still, the centre console will be located at the central top point of the instrument panel and it will comprise of a speedometer and multi-information display using a 4.2 inch high-definition TFT crystal display with a pop-out design. As for the safety features, there will be standard pre-collision system which will include the lane departure alert system, drive start control and the blind spot monitor.

2016 Toyota Mirai interior


2016 Toyota Mirai will sorely run on hydrogen. It will come with a 153 horsepower fuel cell stack and a 151 hp against 247 lb-ft of torque of electric motor. Hydrogen will flow from the fuel cell stack and then mix with oxygen thus producing electricity which will power the nickel metal hydride battery which shall in turn propel the new Mirai. With both tanks full of 11 pounds of hydrogen, the 2016 Toyota Mirai will move for about 300 miles.

2016 Toyota Mirai side

2016 Toyota Mirai: Release Date and Price

2016 Toyota Mirai is expected to arrive in late 2015 at an initial price of about $ 58 325.

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