2016 Opel Antara redesign

Opel initially introduced the Antara in the year 2006 and four years later this model received a minor facelift. However, since then, this model has remained unchanged yet a lot of time has passed by. The Antara is currently being rumored to be Opel’s compact SUV possible successor. This new model is expected to be a new generational model featuring new engines, new framework and a redesigned interior in order for it to become the most viable urban SUV. This expected model will represent Antara’s 2016 year model. Apart from getting major technical changes, it will also be highly attractive. In fact, there are rumors that it will be quite roomy compared to the previous Antara models. 2016 Opel Antara is again rumored to be closely related to the new Buick Envision in terms of appearance and features apart from its new front end as it shall have an Opel-styled grille and the Opel signature.

2016 Opel Antara front


2016 Opel Antara is expected to acquire an attractive exterior with sharp striking lines similar to those of its sibling Opel Mokka. Its automaker is expected to redesign its chassis to include a new and improved damper and spring settings with the aim of enhancing the new Antara’s performance. In addition to its newly restyled grille and new badge, the new model will also be equipped with new fog lights while on the high trims; there will be chrome bezels, new taillights and 19 inch alloy wheels. Its exterior will come in three different body colors namely black, gray and white.

Its interior of 2016 Opel Antara will be characterized by a new centre console and various high tech equipments. The cabin space will be increased slightly as well as its storage space. As for the interior features, they will include former revised ones while some new ones will also be introduced. Some of the expected new standard features are hill assist, electric parking brake and gearshift indicator. The interior will be covered using standard quality material or optional leather. The automaker will also equip the new model with safety features such as front and side airbags, seat belt tensions and a child seat not forgetting a tool kit with simple tools for fixing minor car faults. There will also be extensive use of carbon fiber in making the new Antara’s instrumental panel.

2016 Opel Antara interior


In regard to performance, the new 2016 Opel Antara will be quite powerful than the previous Opel models. It will have the ability to accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in just about 8 seconds. As for the power trains, two diesel propelled engines are expected to be available. One of the engines is a 2.0 liter turbocharged unit delivering approximately 260 horsepower. This first unit will use an automatic power transmission mode and a standard all wheel drive mechanism. The second dive-train is expected to be a 2.0 liter CDTI Bi turbo generating 159 hp and mated to either a manual or an automatic transmission. Its new power units are said to be eco-friendly with reduced CO2 emissions.

2016 Opel Antara side

2016 Opel Antara: Release Date and Price

2016 Opel Antara exact release date is unknown although speculations indicate that it might debut in 2015 during one of the German Motor Shows. Its price is expected to range between $ 21 000 and $ 22 000.

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