2016 Nissan GTR hybrid, price

2016 Nissan GTR is yet another modern and luxurious car which is expected to hit the markets in 2016. This announcement has caused many people to begin speculating about its new specs, especially the people who are looking to buy this new car. It shall be an improvement of the current model, thus making it one of the best cars to look out for in the year 2016. This new sports coupe is rumored to feature high quality innovations. Indeed, the Nissan group is renowned for the manufacture of top quality cars, and this aspect is expected to be maintained in the 2016 version. During its release, it will come with an improved interior and exterior. Also, its fuel consumption is anticipated to be reduced considerably when compared to that of the previous versions.

2016 Nissan GTR front


2016 Nissan GTR will acquire a modern and streamlined cabin look. There will be contemporary comfortable leather seats which will provide comfort to all its users. Since this car will be utilize the high powered lithium-ion battery, its interior will be brightened up especially at night. This battery will power the radio the MP4 and the video streams, among other new improved features. It will also be longer that the outgoing model. The designers will use the extra space to create for cabin space to enable its users to be comfortable and relaxed while driving in it. Also, its increased length will lead to an increase in its luggage space. Moreover, the dashboard will be moved closer to the diver to for better control. This improved dashboard will come with loads of features made out of light materials with simplified control tactics.

2016 Nissan GTR interior

2016 Nissan GTR exterior will be a new lighter body which will not only improve its look but also enhance its speed when driving. Again, a sneaked picture of the masked Nissan GT-R indicates that the grille has been redesigned thus appearing more hexagonal and bearing an opening where the GTR badge will be rested.


2016 Nissan GTR will come with a turbocharged V6 engine which will improve on its fuel economy positively. This engine produces more than 800 horsepower owing to the combined effect of the 580 hp from the V6 and the 250 hp from the electric motors. This engine is also rated at 500 pound-ft of torque at 800 rmp. It this engine is made a reality in the 2016 Nissan GTR, this new car will definitely outweigh the present version which runs at 545 horsepower. Again, this car will be built on a hybrid system, and there are expectations that the hybrid will acquire a battery storage system instead of the flybrid set up. The fact that Nissan has formed a partnership with Williams Formula 1 shows that this auto will be a great machine. Nissan designers are expected to bring on board the knowledge they will gain from Williams into making an impeccable 2016 Nissan GTR hybrid. 2016  GTR is believed to come with enhanced fuel consumption in addition to lower emission.

2016 Nissan GTR rear

2016 Nissan GTR: Price, Release Date and Competitors

The price of 2016 Nissan GTR will range from $ 86 000 and $ 95 000, thus making it the most highly priced Nissan model in the year 2016. These price variations will be as a result of the special features that each car will be presented with. It is however expected to arrive in the market in mid 2016. Nevertheless, whichever time its manufacturer decides to release it, it shall definitely be a great car for every car enthusiast to look out for. Competitor of 2016 Nissan GTR on market will be: Audi R8.

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