2016 Nissan Armada Concept

Nissan has been in the front line of making quality, super and user-friendly SUV‘s ever since its first Armada model. With that in mind, it is no doubt that the 2016 Nissan Armada will offer better driving dynamics, engine preferences and ravished look. Based on predictions, the engine preference may not change even though it will be refurbished for the benefit of the user. Exterior and interior designs will be entirely revised to help guarantee high standards of beauty, durability and user-friendliness. The 2016 Nissan Armada release date isn’t clearly verified though most people expect it to happen in 2015.

2016 Nissan Armada front

2016 Nissan Armada Concept Engine:

On the last 5 models, Nissan Armada has been using the 5.6L V8 engine outputting 317 horses and 385 lb-ft. Even though this engine is recommended for its power production potency, it is not a great choice in the recent era since it is not economical and environmental friendly. That being said, Nissan is expected to equip the new 2016 Nissan Armada generation with a smaller, more economical and powerful V6 engine. It is not yet clear whether it will still use the 5-speed automatic gearbox but in reference to most people, the company is likely to use a more powerful gearbox.

2016 Nissan Armada Redesign Concept:

Exterior Specs:

This SUV will use the same body-on-frame platform that was used in the 2015 Nissan pickup. It is expected to have the same curb size of 207.7 inches long, 78 inches high and 79,3 inches wide that was used in the 2015 model. The bumpers will come with holes for enhanced circulation of air while headlights will be enriched with high gloss chrome trims for increased comfort. The 2016 Nissan Armada roof will come with roof racks and retractable glass roof slide-rule that makes it looks quite attractive. Wheels will come in sizes of 19 to 22 inches a factor that makes the car essential for different hauling needs. Headlights and taillights will be enriched with functional and beautiful LED lights.

2016 Nissan Armada side

Interior Specs:

The interior of the 2016 Nissan Armada has been customized and enhanced to fit all customer needs. This full-size SUV has been made in such that it can accommodate 8 passengers and lots of luggage something that makes it a great choice for families that enjoy moving together on their holidays. The seats are made in such that they are heated and can be adjusted. Standard and optional equipment include Radio Data System, Bluetooth pairing, Bose audio system, USB port and memory slot. Visibility of the instrument panel on the driver has been increased. The styling of 2016 Nissan Armada will as well be enhanced as fresh and finer materials will be used. This means that the car will not only be comfortable and classy but also very beautiful.

2016 Nissan Armada interior

2016 Nissan Armada Release Date And Price:

As at now, it a bit tricky to guess the exact time at which this SUV will be offered at. Even so, rumors claim that it will be offered at a price tag of not less than $40,000. The 2016 Nissan Armada estimated arrival on U.S. market is also hard to guess. However according to most people, it will go on sale by the late 2015 or early 2016.

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