2016 Mercedes ML class, interior, coupe

The new 2016 Mercedes ML is a mid-size luxury SUV that has proven to be a force to reckon with in the automobile industry due to its ability to integrate performance and luxury. This is a 4-door SUV that is expected to portray more magnificent features and specs compared to previous models and makes. Compared to previous models, this is a vehicle whose styling is expected to extensively change such as the rear part and a magnificent look of the well rounded headlight.

2016 Mercedes ML front


The 2016 Mercedes ML is also expected to harbor some top notch specs in the interior design. Its interior is adorned with exquisite designs that will improve its overall appeal. First of all, the interior of the vehicle has been equipped with an infotainment system. This is a system that will have a larger infotainment screen running and utilizing the latest dashboard systems by the command infotainment systems from Germany. The car is also expected to have a touch sensitive controller which is among the latest trends in other models of Mercedes which will make it easy for an individual to navigate around the infotainment system. The magnificent interior designs of this vehicle are expected to improve and push up its premium credentials.

2016 Mercedes ML interior


The exterior design of the vehicle is also expected to bring about a new glowing look and perfect face lift to the external appearance of the car both in the front and rear. The front 2016 Mercedes ML has a four-bar grille that is expected to offer a magnificent blend with the new set of refurbished headlights. The vehicle has also been engraved with the distinct Mercedes badge which will be bolder compared to that of previous models. 2016 Mercedes ML also has a new set of air intakes just below its front bumper. The front fascia of the vehicle is also inspired by the new upcoming BMW models. Going to the rear, there is expected to be a distinct redesigning that will bring into place a famous boot-lip in addition to a metallic lower down. The rear is also expected to be fitted with a new set of LED lamps similar to those of the S-Class Mercedes.


The engine compartment is going to experience some very distinct and awesome changes all aimed at improving the fuel efficiency of the car. In addition, the new engine design is expected to offer perfect competition to the Porsche Cayenne. The new ML400 engine variant is expected to replace the older ML350 version as an aspect of its upgrade. The V6 engine is expected to have three-liter direct injection which is expected to generate a horsepower of 329 and a torque that is 354 pound-feet. The estimated output of this engine is expected to have some similarity with that of the SL400. As part of the magnificent engine improvements, the 2016 Mercedes ML is expected to change over from its previous 7G Tronic gear speed automatic transmission to a new nine-speed automatic gear transmission.

2016 Mercedes ML side

2016 Mercedes ML: Price and Release Date

The release date of 2016 Mercedes ML is planned for the spring of next year with the debut show expected to be in Detroit. This is a car that is estimated to hit the $40,000 price tag on its release.

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