2016 Mercedes GLK release date, redesign

The redesigned Mercedes-Benz crossover is almost over. This means that people might see GLK’s second generation very soon. The new 2016 Mercedes GLK will be a high class crossover which shall be based on C-Class architecture. After the updates, this second generation will come in the market with a lot of changes beginning with an entirely new exterior, a new platform, more advanced technology and with better fuel economy.

2016 Mercedes GLK front


Its expected redesign will bring in a totally different exterior. There will be some little lines which will make this car to lose its square-like appearance. Its size will be bigger than that of the current model. It will acquire a sloped roof towards its rear. Besides its rounded edged, the increased space will enable the manufacturers to create more passenger space. As a result, the 2016 Mercedes GLK will become an equal competitor to cars like BMW X3 and Audi Q5. It is rumored that this redesigned Mercedes SUV will be offered in two trim levels but they are not yet known.

Inside of 2016 Mercedes GLK, there will be a center stack which will house all the controls features alongside a highly technical infotainment system and a modern command interface. The center console will be located at the driver’s close range for better control. Similarly, there will be a control knob which will be installed alongside a new touch screen. In terms of infotainment features, there will be modern synchronization features where one will not necessarily use the cell phone since messages and alerts will be displayed on the screen. This screen will have the ability to recognize hand gestures as well as hand written images with the GPS system. The German manufacturer has ensured maximum security in this car by equipping it with contact saving features which will help the users in times of emergency. There will be redesigned air passages on the dashboard which will improve air inflow.

2016 Mercedes GLK interior


2016 Mercedes GLK will be powered by both diesel and gasoline engines just like before. The only difference is that its EPA fuel economy will not be the same as before. The gas engine will be a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four, and it delivers 235 horsepower. There will also be another gas engine which is anticipated to be a 3.0-liter V6 twin Turbo unit. This second engine generates 330 horsepower. The diesel engine is expected to be a 2.1-liter turbocharged BlueTec unit. Other rumors indicate that there might be a V8 AMG engine and also a hybrid power train. In terms of the transmission, there is a likely-hood of a seven speed automatic, while a nine speed automatic gearbox is also expected in this car.

2016 Mercedes GLK side

2016 Mercedes GLK: Release Date and Price

2016 Mercedes GLK is likely to be launched during some significant motor show event in 2015. However, people can only wait for the official reports about its release since much of the available information is just speculations. In regards to its price, the base trim level which is still unknown will cost about $ 40 000. For the higher trim levels, the prices will certainly go up.

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