2016 Mercedes GLC class, release date, price

Since Mercedes is prepared to alter its naming scheme across the board, the vehicle formerly known as the GLK will be presented to consumers as the 2016 Mercedes GLC. Along with its change of name, it will debut as a new niche sport utility vehicle that will be called the GLC Coupe and be in direct competition of the 2015 BMW X4. It should be noted that this coupe style sport utility vehicle will not deliver the traditional hauling capabilities of a standard sport utility vehicle. Additionally, the new 2016 Mercedes GLC will feature a limited amount of rear headroom. Even with the stated limitations, automotive buyers continue to give automakers sound reasoning to keep producing the lines within the segment.

2016 Mercedes GLC front

2016 Mercedes GLC: Engine Specs

The base engine option for the 2016 Mercedes GLC is highly speculated to come from the current GLC300 Coupe which is a turbo charged 2.0 liter four cylinder that will deliver upwards of 241 brake horsepower. Additionally, consumers are said to be offered a twin turbo 3.0 liter V6 engine that will deliver 329 brake horsepower. Within the European market, consumers will be provided with a diesel variant that will not be made available to North American consumers.

2016 Mercedes GLC: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Given that the automaker has revealed the new GLE class to the world, it has become fairly easy to estimate what the actual vehicle will look like. In regards to assuming how well the coupe like sport utility will do in comparison with its German rivals is slightly more difficult to determine. From the released renderings it is quite clear that the new GLC will be a shrunken version of the 2016 GLE Class Coupe. Consumers will see a great deal of its main cues taken from the GLE Class, especially via the following: the wide open air intakes on the bumper, angular headlights, a silver insert on the front bumper, its single twin bar grille and the vehicle’s swooping roofline. It is highly expected that the Coupe will present itself to the public with dimensions that measure in at 63 inches in height, 74 inches wide and 183 inches in length. These measurements would put the new 2016 Mercedes GLC right in line with the BMW X4.

2016 Mercedes GLC side

The interior of the coupe is predicted to mimic that of the GLE Coupe. This means that consumers will be provided with premium features that include a sports steering wheel, a high quality audio system, Alcantara leather upholstery and more. Unfortunately, consumers will greatly notice the reduction of headroom and cargo area due to the slanted rear roofline. Even with the limitations regarding space, the luxuries and conveniences offered to consumers does make up for it slightly.

2016 Mercedes GLC interior

2016 Mercedes GLC: Release Date and Price

The 2016 Mercedes GLC is set to make its debut in Shanghai very soon. With this upcoming debut, the iconic automaker has recently released a rendering of the forthcoming niche model. AS a measure of remaining competitive within its segment, the 2016 Mercedes GLC will carry a base pricing within the range of $ 45 000. Given that this is pricing is comfortably lower than its most direct competitor, the coupe should have no issue in remaining attractive to budget conscious luxury vehicle connoisseurs.

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