2016 Mercedes E-Class redesign

The 2016 Mercedes E-Class has been completely redesigned in order to continue maintaining its dominance in terms of quality. On offer in this model will be a total of five different body styles namely the sedan, Coupe, Wagon, Cabrio and the LWB Sedan. This model shall be built on the MRA modular platform which was formerly used in making the C-Class. This platform consists of light weight materials which upon use, they will reduce the overall weight of the E-Class. Both petrol and diesel series shall be made available, hence the customer will select the car according to his or her desirable car performance. Hybrid versions of 2016 Mercedes E-Class will be available too.

2016 Mercedes E-Class front


With this upcoming model, there will be an additional of more superior features as compared to the current models. 2016 Mercedes E-Class offers a luxurious interior with improved space for passengers comfort. Its cabin will come with a variety of improved features for functions such as the Mercedes command infotainment system, electric heating surfaces, color touch screen, satellite navigation features, magic body control suspension, scent dispenser and a 360 degree camera among others. Its seats are being made out of leather to provide an elevated level of comfort. Its cabin shall have plenty of wood, metal and leather in addition to other luxurious materials. Safety features are also on top of the range, for instance in its cabin, one shall spot the eyeball air vents among other safety details.

2016 Mercedes E-Class interior

Changes on exterior of 2016 Mescedes E-Class include a refreshed grille, an aggressive front bumper, dual exhausts, new headlights on top a slight change in its body design. The German manufacturers are working on including sporty proportions on the 2016 Mercedes E-Class. These features include a wider, lower and longer wheelbase.


As mentioned, 2016 Mercedes E-Class will be offered in five options. All these options have different fuel economy levels, the best being the base diesel engine at 28/42 mpg in RWD followed by 4WD at 27/38 mpg. The rest of the line-up continues to lower fuel efficiency. There are a variety of engines which shall drive the 2016 Mercedes E-Class. They include the twin turbo 3.0 liter in-line six engine delivering approximately 367 horsepower (270 kW) and 435 horsepower (320 kW). Mercedes car enthusiasts have also recommended the use of the 2.9 liter diesel engine that delivers about 313 hp (230 kW) and 400 horsepower (294 kW). There are also high expectations of a hybrid plug-in version that shall combine the 2 liter petrol and diesel engine with electric motors. The E 300 Blue TEC Hybrid drives a whooping 1,223 miles on a single tank of fuel. If this engine is =utilized, it shall then be mated to a six speed manual transmission as an option and it shall be available in automatic transmission.

2016 Mercedes E-Class rear

2016 Mercedes E-Class: Price and Release Date

This auto is expected to be due towards the end of 2015. Again, owing to the various body styles, the prices shall also differ. The coupes shall go for $52 000 to $59 000 while the Cabriolets shall be sold between $60 000 and $67 000. Sedans on the other hand shall go for $51 000 while the wagons shall range at $59 000. In terms of the AMG models, the most expensive one will cost about $100 000 to $102 000 for sport sedan and wagon respectively.

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