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The Continental Concept was announced just ahead of this year’s New York Motor Show. The concept for the 2016 Lincoln Continental was a great hit at the auto show. Additionally, the concept version of the iconic vehicle featured an SPD SmartGlass tinting sunroof, E-Latch door handles, and LED matrix head lights that hosts laser assist high beams. 2016 Lincoln Continental has also been outfitted with a high quality download service and digital music player by the name of Pono. The product was developed by Neil Young, who confirmed that he recently signed a ten year deal that will keep his product in Continentals.

2016 Lincoln Continental front


Under the hood of the 2016 Lincoln Continental, consumers will find an EcoBoost engine that is best described as powerful and smooth. According to reports the engine will be a 3.0 liter EcoBoost V-6 unit that is capable of a maximum output of 440 brake horsepower. It is widely speculated that the engine will be smartly mated with a six speed automatic transmission and paired with four wheel drive.

The luxury sedan, 2016 Lincoln Continental will be equipped with Lincoln Drive Control which is able to offer consumers with a trio of driving modes. The modes, comfort, normal and sport, will depend on the personal preferences of the driver.

2016 Lincoln Continental side


The new 2016 Lincoln Continental has an all new single piece grille that is centered that will showcase a Lincoln Star graphic that is duplicating. Its clean side profile is enhanced, in part, by the door seals that are tucked discretely into the vehicle’s beltline. The opening and closing of the doors have been made easier and quieter due to this slight upgrade and alteration. Due to the automaker’s trademarked Approach Detection, the luxury sedan will light up, both inside and out, as a way of greeting its owner.

As a measure to keep consumers safe, the new 2016 Lincoln Concept is outfitted with driver assistance technologies that include Pre-Collison Assist, Park Assist that has been enhanced and a 360 degree multipurpose camera that transmits its footage onto the screen of the infotainment system. In addition to increasing the vehicle’s safety, it was developed for increased levels of privacy and convenience. A passenger within the rear of the vehicle is provided with the ability to reposition a front passenger seat with the push of a button. This can be done when that front seat is empty. The rear seats are also able to be completely reclined.

2016 Lincoln Continental interior

The interior cabin of 2016 Lincoln Continental is outfitted with Active Noise Control which is able to alter sound levels as a measure of preserving a quiet trip for consumers. From the underneath the center console as well as an overhead halo light, there is a glow from soft gold LED lighting. Passengers placed within the rear of the vehicle are provided with a tablet lap tray that is deployed through the centralized console.

2016 Lincoln Continental: Release Date and Price

The 2016 Lincoln Continental is definitely a highly modern and overtly gorgeous vehicle that will deliver consumers with a great deal of performance. Both the interior and the exterior have been upgraded and updated. It has yet to be officially announced as to what components will be presented in the production model, but regardless consumers will be thoroughly impressed. It has been speculated by a multitude of industry insiders that the base price of the vehicle will be $ 100 000.

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