2016 Lexus TX is 7-seat crossover SUV

The newest member of the Lexus family brings something completely new in the niche of luxury SUVs. It is the 2016 Lexus TX and it is expected to solve every problem that users are experiencing in the current models. The new 2016 Lexus TX will also come with several conveniences. That means that Lexus level of elegance and refinement as well as luxury will be maintained in this car as it has been in all the latest models. What makes this model so special from the rest Lexus models is that it is seven-seat SUV, and therefore we believe that it will be one of the best luxury family SUV on the market.

2016 Lexus TX SUV concept

2016 Lexus TX Design:

The interior details of this new sports utility vehicle are not yet known. It is expected to look like the current Lexus RX with a slight size difference and some additional features which will enable it to stand out from the rest. It should come with a dominant appearance with fluid body lines. In regard to the platform, there are various assumptions regarding this matter. Some rumors claim that it will be based on the Toyota Highlander’s platform while other rumors allege that it will be built on the platform which was used in making Lexus IS. Both platforms are fine, but the only different arises in their drive mode. The first expected platform is front wheel drive oriented while the second one utilizes the rear wheel drive. Regardless of the platform used, an optional all wheel drive is highly expected in the 2016 Lexus TX. Its grille is being redesigned to make it more stylish with sharp edged headlights. Even its bumper is not being left behind in terms of updates since it will house the new small fog lamps. It will also come with impressive high quality alloy wheels with five spokes of alloy.

In terms of its interior, this new 2016 Lexus TX will not lack new modern accessories. Since it is a future car, it is expected to be bestowed with high class technological features and c high defined console. Its level of comfort will be higher than that in the current model. Again, luxurious features and equipments are expected in the SUV just as it is in every Lexus car. This car’s cabin space will be large enough to accommodate seven adult passengers while its cargo space will be increased.

2016 Lexus TX SUV rear view

2016 Lexus TX Engine Options and Specs:

This full-size SUV will have great engine quality which will be judged easily by its performance. The engines are receiving some updates in order to produce top quality performance. This car will be offered with a number of engine options. The 2016 Lexus TX base version will be powered bya 3.5 liter i-VTEC SOHC V6 engine. This engine has got variable cylinder managing technology and it produces about 290 horsepower with 247 pound feet of torque. This pattern is slightly higher than standard and it is expected to offer excellent performance. It takes about 8 second for this engine to accelerate to 60 miles per gallon from zero. Its top speed is approximately 135 mph, a superb speed for the ordinary person. This new model is expected to have other engine options which include a hybrid unit. This unit is expected to be powered by a 3.5 liter V6 in addition to a pair of electric motors. The overall power output of this combination is said to be around 30 to 340 horsepower. Apart from these two engine options, there is a likelihood that another engine option will be offered under the hood of the 2016 Lexus TX.

2016 Lexus TX SUV concept interior

2016 Lexus TX Release Date and Price:

The 2016 Lexus TX is rumored to be released towards the end of 2015 although there is a likelihood for it to be launched sooner than expected. Its price is still a mystery, but since it is a luxury car, people can expect a price tag of about $60,000.

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