2016 Land Rover Defender USA, price

The 2016 Land Rover Defender is rumored to come in a much better version while compared to the previous versions. It is anticipated to be given an entire makeover that will thrill prospective buyers. Both its interior and exterior will be revamped to produce an SUV with a difference. Its manufacturers have not provided much information about its expected changes but there are some few things which are already leaked about it. 2016 Land Rover Defender is expected to maintain its old feel but at the same time appear new and modern, with latest technological features and style. Also, the 2016 Land Rover Defender might get some gasoline and diesel engines, while a hybrid powertrain is also likely to be offered.

2016 Land Rover Defender side


Very high level of sophistication will been used in its exterior which is inspired by its older versions although it will look totally different form before. It front comes with an exclusive additional touch. 2016 Defender will be made not dwell on the DC100 concept, but rather a new concept will be utilized. However, the same traditional Land Rover feel will still be felt. Its designers have given it a lot of new touches for it to be at par with the latest trends in the auto world. While the former versions looked bold and tough, the new version will come with brighter colors which will enable this car to compete with other modern SUVs. This new design will not only be beautiful but it will also be functional. Again, this car will be built on the PTA platform which uses lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. This move will greatly enhance its performance and also improve its fuel consumption. It is hoped that the new platform will not hamper with the Defender’s off road ability.


The 2016 Land Rover Defender will come with a vast array of modern features even in its interior. A number of entertainment tools from the current models will be installed in this new model, but they will be updated in order to add more value to this machine. In addition, new and modern entertainment features will be added. Its safety has also been taken to a whole new level since the designers have fully equipped it with airbags among other incredible safety equipments. 2016 Land Rover Defender is also expected to be equipped with several advanced features which will improve its functionality. Since its manufacturers wants it to remain affordable, sources say that they have eliminated use of extravagant things in it. Its cabin is believed to be simple but quite useful and well planned. However, important upgrades are being carried out on its cabin, meaning that the higher trim levels will come with additional packages.

2016 Land Rover Defender interior


Information from reliable sources indicates that its engine will be extra powerful. 2016 Land Rover Defender will be powered by a new Land Rover engine series called Ingenium. This engine is likely to come with a four cylinder petrol and diesel power plants. Also, a number of V6 engines will be offered while the motors will be eight and nine speed automatic transmissions. A hybrid version is also highly anticipated.

2016 Land Rover Defender rear

2016 Land Rover Defender: Price and Release Date

There is no reliable information on its price. Nevertheless, it its designers are to follow the steps which were set in building the DC100 concept, then its might turn out to be an affordable car than what many people are expecting. Its actual prices might be around $60,000. 2016 Land Rover Defender will certainly hit the showrooms in mid 2016 and it remains a coupe` to watch out for.

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