2016 Honda Odyssey AWD USA Redesign

The new 2016 Honda Odyssey AWD is one of the best minivans that will hit U.S. market in 2015. According to the gossips circulating around, this model will come with three-row seats, five doors and enough space to fit seven passengers. To boost the sales, the automaker is planning to equip it with new and better features. This redesign will include more aggressive but fresh style, lesser weight and reduced fuel consumption rates. The engine preferences are also expected to be better than the ones used in the 2015 model.

2016 Honda Odyssey front

2016 Honda Odyssey AWD – Engine Preferences:

To date, it is quite unfortunate that no accurate information has been provided regarding the engine preference for the 2016 Honda Odyssey AWD. However, just like it has been on the other models, the new Honda Odyssey AWD 2016 is expected to get a V6 3.5 liter 4-cylinder engine. If this will be the chosen engine, it is expected to make a power output of 250 horses and 250 pound feet torque. The engine will be mated to an incredible continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a 5-speed transmission. For all trims, the 2016 Honda Odyssey will come with all-wheel drive options. With this compelling engine, the all new 2016 Odyssey will feature an extraordinary off-the-line acceleration as well as better fuel economical rates.

2016 Honda Odyssey side

2016 Honda Odyssey AWD Design Specifications:

The exterior of 2016 Honda Odyssey AWD will be more aggressive, stronger and beautiful. The front bumper will be refreshed and equipped with fresh and eye catching grille. On the headlights and taillights, there will be nice-looking daylight LED lights and well-decorated grilles that will make the car look more attractive. The wheels will be made of a decent size and stronger materials to help improve the overall car performance. Due to the aggressive shape of its framework, it will have a wider stance when compared to other cars of the same class. Despite the use of lightweight materials, the car strength will not be affected.

In the inner segment, the 2016 Honda Odyssey AWD will have a number of new and refreshed features. Among the most evident features in this minivan include larger storage compartment, controllable passenger seats and a lively central control panel. There will also be high-tech safety features such as electronic brakes and airbags. A radar sensory system will also be availed in the car to help secure it from collisions. It AWD will also come with a number of stability control systems that will prevent issues to do with sliding and a light control unit whose function will be to coordinate the direction of the headlights towards the steering wheel angle.

2016 Honda Odyssey interior

2016 Honda Odyssey AWD Price and Release Date:

As per engineers, the construction work is expected to be complete by the end of the mid months of 2015. This means that this car may go on sale before the end of 2015 or in the early months of 2016. The price for the 2016 Honda Odyssey AWD is as at now a secret to the automakers. However, if you are planning to buy one of this car models, it is important to be prepared with not less than $30,000.

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