2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie Edition

Honda has obviously paid a great deal of attention to millennial. The automotive giant has taken notice of the fact that out of a third of pictures that are taken by those from the ages of 18 to 24 are selfies. Therefore, Honda is ensuring its relevance by offering the photo obsessed market with its 2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie. The unique trim level of the ever popular HR-V was announced just ahead of this year’s April Fool’s Day. 2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie offering is being introduced as a measure of appealing to the selfie obsessed audience that should be focusing more on the road and not as much on capturing the most optimal self-portrait. There are consumers and critics alike that are uncertain as to whether or not the automaker has unveiled the most elaborate prank ever.

2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie front

2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie: Redesign and Features

According to the automotive giant, 2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie will be outfitted with less than 10 selfie camera throughout. This array of cameras would definitely provide wonderful pictures of the driver and there passengers throughout their daily and extended journeys. Per Gazo Enjinia, the HR-V brand manager, “Honda is embracing the selfie phenomenon and the creative, artistic sensibilities of millennials with this versatile, youthful trim model.”

Cameras have already been incorporated into the vehicle and are currently utilized for LaneWatch and as a measure of rearview assistance. Per the automaker, they have found a way incorporate additional cameras with their placement based on the role that selfies play within today’s culture.

2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie rear

2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie: Interior

There are a great number of industry insiders that contend that it was only a matter of time before one of the automotive giants made the decision to incorporate pop culture into a 2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie . There are also those that wonder why Honda would choose a crossover vehicle instead of a sporty coupe or midsized sedan, given the age range that the trim level is to be targeted at.

Honda has said that it will be used beta tested hands free technology in order to provide consumers with the ultimate selfie-mobile. Additionally, the automotive giant has been working with a reported fifteen influencers of social media over the course of greater than six months. During their work with social media royalty, Honda was able to offer its consumers a product video featuring the self-proclaimed selfie fanatic, Ashley H. She was given one of the Selfie Models in order to test the technology as well as the functions of the 10 selfie cameras. According to Ashley H., the selfie functions are only able to work when the car is parked. The cameras are said to be incredibly easy to use via a consumer’s connection to their smartphones to HondaLink. This connection permits for both the capturing of selfies as well as direct uploading onto social media sites.

2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie interior

2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie: Release Date and Price

At this moment in time, Honda has not released the precise or estimated pricing for the trim level that will be able to offer consumers the capability to take optimal selfies from within the cabin of the crossover vehicle. The close of the year will confirm whether or not the 2016 Honda HR-V SLF Selfie crossover will stock showrooms or go down in history as the most prolific prank in history.

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