2016 Honda City india

The new 2016 Honda City will not only boast of a more aggressive nature but it will also look very sporty. The face of this new offering from Honda will look completely different to its predecessors. The bumpers have been changed as too the windshield. Honda has however kept the dimensions of the new 2016 Honda City the same as for previous models though it will make some major changes to the interiors.

2016 Honda City side

2016 Honda City: Redesign Exterior and Interior

On the outside, the new 2016 Honda City will look completely different. The sportiness and aggressive nature make this a very attractive vehicle. The grille is new and this has a major impact on the exteriors, as too do the new bumpers. The grille and the bumpers make this car look very aggressive. At the same time, the wider headlights make the car look very stylish.

The other major change to the 2016 Honda City has to do with the special i-DSi engine that not only produces plenty of grunt but it also performs well on the fuel economy factor. The VTEC version of this car will be released separately at a later time. This new VTEC version will boast of fifteen-inch alloy wheels and a nice rear braking system.

On the inside, Honda has used many technological innovations to make the interiors much better than previous models. There is for example a nice five-inch touchscreen display dashboard that can be connected to either an Apple device or Android device. There are also eight speakers in the cabin. Each speaker produces excellent sound and thanks to an auto environment control system; the interiors will always be very comfortable. The new Honda City will also come with a start button as well as keyless entry. Also, the City will be able to pull greater loads and has enough cargo capacity as well. Heated seats make the cabin more comfortable and a nice cruise control system is another welcome feature.

2016 Honda City interior

2016 Honda City: Engine Specs

Under the hood, the new 2016 Honda City will have either an automatic one and a half liter four-cylinder petrol engine or a similar diesel engine. The petrol engine is able to produce 119 horsepower and 107 pound-feet of torque and is paired to a CVT transmission or to a five-speed manual transmission. The diesel engine is to be offered a bit later. The new Honda City performs well on the fuel economy factor. In fact, on this score, it is one of the best in its class. It also benefits from safety features like ABS and EBD as well as two airbags in the front.

2016 Honda City: Release Date and Price

The new 2016 Honda City will have a starting price of not less than 17 900 dollars. The final purchase price will vary depending on what kind of engine you choose and also what kind of transmission you want. If you also ask for add-ons then the price will go up even further.

2016 Honda City rear

The Honda City should be available in showrooms sometime in January next year. However, there is a chance that you will get to see it in showrooms towards the end of this year. The company has not provided exact details about the actual release date.

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