2016 Honda Accord coupe, sedan, hybrid

The 2016 Honda Accord, still under production, is set to undergo a considerable revamp compared to its predecessor. We expect to see massive in almost every aspect of the car. This means more power, comfort, sleek, better design, and efficiency. To achieve this, new advanced technology will have to be incorporated in the design of the exterior, interior and the engine. Four varieties of trims are expected to hit the market. We could see the LK-L, EX, Touring and EX-L. The EX-L will have leather in its interior plus a navigation system.

2016 Honda Accord front


The manufacturers have greatly addressed the issue of aerodynamics with a redesigned, sleek body shape that will be more stable. However, the usual appearance of its predecessors will still be recognizable.

A change in design could also be noticed in the front with thin LED lights expected to feature and a metal grill. The windows and rear view mirrors will also be better designed with the vent also being well designed in form of a square. There will also be more exterior colors to select from.


The interior of 2016 Accord will see the employment of the Active Noise Control technology, making it more comfortable to stay in the car. With the 2016 Honda Accord, comfort for all passengers is assured. Much more has been done with advanced features being set up to make it more convenient. At the center of the dashboard, there is a touch screen display. More goodies include; Pandora audio system, Bluetooth, a rear view camera, an automatic climate control system, heated seats just to mention but a few.

2016 Honda Accord interior


As we expect a plug-in hybrid model, it will be driven by a four cylinder engine which will probably be turbocharged so it will be very powerful with the horsepower expected to reach 200.

The most popular choice in engine is expected to be the 2.4 – liter which produces about 186 horsepower. The second will be a 3.5-liter V6 of 278 horsepower which definitely make it the superior of the two. The 2.4-liter option will therefore be preferred for manual transmission while the latter will be employed for automatic transmission both at 6 speeds.

2016 Honda Accord side

Four cylinders for the gas engine, potential electric motor plus turbo charging will therefore render this method the best in this area of fuel economy.

2016 Honda Accord: Price, Release Date and Competitors

The most probable period for releasing this model will be about early 2016.  The price may fall between say $24 000 and somewhere $35 000 depending on the state of the market. The biggest competitors of 2016 Honda Accord on market will be: Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima.

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