2016 Ford Raptor svt, specs, engine

Ford is making appropriate plans to surprise its enthusiasts once again with one more truck. This is the new and redesigned 2016 Ford Raptor. It is going to be an enormous truck and its production is currently underway. Ford has already set aside the funds, and has also allocated the time for developing its next generations of Raptor. 2016 Ford Raptor will certainly be a lot more effective than the outgoing model.

2016 Ford Raptor front


At this juncture, there is no much information about 2016 For Raptor, but there are various assumptions and expectations about this car. One thing which is certain is that 2016 Ford Raptor will appear significantly different from the current model. It is believed that the designers will use more high quality steel ladder for its chassis. It will also be a bit large that the current model, but in terms of its weight, this 2016 model will be lighter. The upcoming Ford Raptor is going to be built on a new platform which will use a high strength steel frame and high quality aluminum alloy. This trend is expected to yield good results by making the 2016 Ford Raptor 700 pounds lighter that the outgoing model. This high strength steel frame will boost this auto’s performance especially when being driven off-road. As for its aluminum body, it will assist in keeping the weight of this car in check, in addition to boosting its fuel consumption. The raised suspension in Ford’s trucks will be carried over to this model to make it appear tough. Again, since it is being made as a high performance truck and a serious off-roader, it will come with big tires, as large vertical bar grille with Ford’s signature in the middle.

2016 Ford Raptor side


As mentioned, 2016 Ford Raptor will utilize aluminum panels which will enhance its fuel efficiency. For greater visibility, this model will come fully equipped with modern high intensity discharge LED headlights. However, very little is known about its interior. Nevertheless, judging from Ford’s previous models which have always features impeccable interiors, this particular model is expected to be even better. Use of high quality material will be among the things which will feature in this car to enhance its users comfort. There are expectations of a spacious cabin with enough leg and shoulder room, some modern technological features which include a new color screen LCD, an 8 inch touch screen and various infotainment features.

2016 Ford Raptor interior


It is rumored that the current 6.2-liter V8 engine will be removed, and in its place, there will be a new smaller engine. The expected new engine will be a 5.0-liter Ti VCT V8 engine. Making use of the EcoBoost V8 engine on this model as an upgraded version of the current engine would be convenient. This new engine is capable of generating about 500 horsepower. If that is the case, the current 360 horsepower and 380 lb feet of torque will have to be boosted.

2016 Ford Raptor: Release Date, Price and Competitors

The 2016 Ford Raptor will be a 2016 year model, but sources indicate that it will be released towards the end of 2015. As for the price, it is expected to go a bit high considering all the changes and improvements being included in this new model. The starting price is expected to be $ 50,000, which is acceptable given the possibilities that one will get upon buying this car. The biggest competitors of new model 2016 Ford Raptor  on market will be: Dodge Ram and Toyota Tundra .

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