2016 Ford GT350 price, specs, release date

The newest in the line of the Shelby’s the Shelby 350 begins where the Boss 302 has stopped. Leaving the 2016 Ford GT350 with even more power and performance. The last time a mustang wore this name was nearly 50 years ago. Now putting the name Shelby back into it, this car may be street legal, but its performance on the track cannot be denied. 2016 Ford GT350 takes on the chassis of the S550 with its fully independent rear suspension, but to add to that Fords own and first magnetorhelogical dampers (a system in which damping qualities are in the shock absorber are controlled by the electromagnet). Ferrari and Corvette and others are using this also.

2016 Ford GT350 front

2016 Ford GT350: Engine Specs

The unique body shape of the 2016 Ford GT350 is completely aerodynamic which is why the shape is so unusual. Also there is the 5.2-liter V8 with a “flat-plane crankshaft”, which is favored by Ferrari is also being said to be capable of producing a massive 8000 plus RPMs.

The Ford Company has not released the exact numbers, but they have said to expect more than 500 horsepower and more than 400 – ft. of torque, this courtesy of the naturally aspirated engine which is the most powerful that Ford has ever produced.

2016 Ford GT350 rear

2016 Ford GT350: Redesign Exterior and Interior

What of the flat-plane crankshaft? We know the history of producing power, sounds and really big revs. Ford promises there will be more of the same. You also have 5-mode suspension cycle, which controls exhaust, ABS programming, stability control systems as well as the throttle and the steering control effort.

The brakes have also been cranked up a step too. With that there is a lower ride height, amped up springs and bushings, not to forget the wider front track. Deceleration is improved by the use of 2 piece iron rotors with aluminum hats to control the 19” aluminum wheels that are 10.5“ wide in the front and 11.5” wide to the rear.

Just to include a few more special items there is are larger flared aluminum front fender that covers the wider stock. The inside is also well worth mentioning with its Recaro sports seats, a flat bottom steering wheel and the dimmer panel lights intended to deflect glare.

2016 Ford GT350 interior

There are options to be considered with the 2016 Ford GT350. You may want to have the 6-speed manual, the optional coolers for transmission and engine oil. The Tech Pack adds the option of power seats and leather upholstery, a dual zone automatic climate control, MyFord 14.6” touch infotainment and the upgraded shaker audio.

2016 Ford GT350: Release Date and Price

This highly anticipated 2016 Ford GT350 or the Shelby 350 will be in dealerships the fall of 2015. The pricing will not be announced until the date of roll out gets closer. It is being suggested that the price will be in the starting vicinity of $ 55 000, based on the cost of the GT500. Dealerships have begun to take orders and there will be a limited availability though a specific manufacturing number has not been given at this time. The Shelby 350 will be manufactured at the Flat Rock, Michigan assembly plant. This is the only location for global Mustangs. The 2016 Ford GT350 will not be manufactured in right hand drive.

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