2016 BMW Z4 sdrive28i, msrp

The 2016 BMW Z4 is a continuation of the iconic line of Bavarian models that include the Z3, Z8, 507 and the Z1. This rear wheel sports vehicle was originally launched in 2002 and was produced in South Carolina. The first generation of the model was made available to consumers in a duo of body types that were inclusive of a convertible and a coupe. The second generation of the vehicle came about in 2009 and was presented to consumers as a roadster that featured a retractable hard top. The very next year is when the German automaker unveiled its third generation of the sports vehicle and it was a collaborative effort with Toyota. This latest model is said to present itself as even more extravagant and powerful than any of its predecessors. It is widely speculated that the new 2016 BMW Z4 will feature all new styling cues that are becoming more prominent within the models offered by BMW. The rear of the vehicle will be round and will feature taillights that have been altered with one featuring the LED L-shape that has been seen since the launch of the F15 X5. As far as the side, the sills have been made more aggressive as the front fenders receive gills for increased efficiency. Just as with the current model the 2016 BMW Z4 will feature a retracting hardtop roof, although the rear bumper will begin hosting a carbon fiber diffuser with a duo of exhaust tail pipes.

2016 BMW Z4 front

2016 BMW Z4: Engine Specs

For the new 2016 BMW Z4, it is highly expected that the current engine options will be replaced with new generation units. According to rumor, the vehicle will be made available with a four cylinder unit as well as a V6 engine option. There is an expectation among a great number of industry insiders that the 2016 BMW Z4 will also be offered to consumers on a hybrid variant. This hybrid would come as the result of the collaborative effort made with the Japanese automaker, Toyota. More than likely, the hybrid variant will utilize the same configuration that can be found within the new i6. This would result in an output of upwards of 355 brake horsepower and 324 lbs. per feet of torque.

2016 BMW Z4 side

2016 BMW Z4: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The color of the vehicle is said to have a fluid metal feel to it in order to deliver consumers with an ultra-cool and sleek aesthetic. The front end will remain unaltered and be carried over from the previous model. For the 2016 model year, the back deck has been smoothed which provides for a brawny feel and delivers an unpretentious indication of airplane propellers. As a great accent to the bodywork, the vehicle sits atop incredible matte finish amalgam wheels.

This next generation model, 2016 BMW Z4 will not undergo a drastic amount of changes. This offering will present itself as more of a refreshing than a redesign. The front fascia will only see a slight change, which will be due to a minor re-shaping of the headlights. The interior, on the other hand, will undergo a great deal of alteration. The new look of the cabin will be inspired by the design of the Zagato’s Z. No longer will the cabin be dark grey in color, it will now be black as it features new leather seating and a control board that has been revisited.

2016 BMW Z4 interior

2016 BMW Z4: Release Date and Price

The base price for the 2016 BMW Z4 has yet to be officially released by the German automotive giant, and experts are quite hesitant to predict at this time.

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