2016 BMW X1 changes, price, release date

New 2016 BMW X1 comes on the market partially redesigned. There is little official information, but we present you what is currently available to the public. This new SUV in the new edition will be more comfortable, modern and with increased fuel economy. Major technological innovation in the new 2016 BMW X1 stands out the Connect Drive package and accessories.

2016 BMW X1 front

Designer’s cars and this time do not want to betray the fans of this favorite car, and there is a sophisticated style and engine. The new model should first be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


New 2016 BMW X1 is the second-generation model. Existing engine will be upgraded. The goal is to improve fuel economy. It is a further B48 family engine. There is speculation that the company prepares the hybrid version of this model.

BMW’s new SUV will have the drive to all four wheels, which is a change from the previous model, which had a rear-wheel drive. When it comes to car design, it will be little changed. The new layout has changed will better aerodynamic capabilities. Redesigned 2016 BMW X1 will have great similarities with the BMW X2 Active Tourer. Both models will be built on the same platform, so the logical next major similarities.

2016 BMW X1 rear

2016 BMW X1 will be constructed from aluminum so they would their total weight will be less which will affect the lower fuel consumption. Grilles will also be refreshed and will have a more modern look. Designers also announced that the new look a little remind the larger BMW X5.


New 2016 BMW X1 will not run 6 cylinder engine. There are rumors that the engine range will be expanded with the 2.0 turbo engine with direct injection. Engineers are still working on developing powerful engines that will be able to generate up to 300 horsepower. With this move the company wants to be competitive in the game with their biggest rivals Audi and Mercedes. This will be the most powerful engine so far that will find application implementation and development of BMW M Series and BMW X2.

According to information in the offer will be found and engines that were related to the first generation. When it is quite gearbox, offer includes a 6-speed manual gearbox and eight-speed automatic gearbox. As already mentioned car will be driven to all four wheels. Also, the fuel consumption will be improved. New aluminum body, upgraded engine as well as the characteristics of the other will affect on it.

2016 BMW X1 interior

2016 BMW X1: Release Date, Price, Competitors

Release date of 2016 BMW X1 is not yet available to the public. Price also is not official but there are certain expectations. It will certainly be a bit higher compared to the previous model because the new model introduces several improvements. In this sense, it is expected that prices o new 2016 BMW X1 move in the range of $ 40 000 to $ 50 000. There will be more trim level, so it will be and  prices. As always, until now, the young people will be the head office sales segment of the company. The largest competitors of this model, as usual, are models of German companies Audi and Mercedes.

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