2015 Honda Accord is the Most Trusted Choice of Mid-Size Sedan

Honda is one of the top Japanese automobile companies and almost everyone has heard its name in some form of the other. One of the most trusted and valuable car from the Honda stable has been Accord, which has remained not only for 40 years in this industry but also seen many changes and facelifts over the years. The latest offering is 2015 Honda Accord better performance and remarkable good looking appearance but with the same evergreen Honda quality.

2015 Honda Accord front


2015 Honda Accord has spacious interiors with the various modules made of superior quality durable leather and high quality plastic. There will be multiple interior packages for you to choose from while the standard package will include features like collision warning system, Bluetooth hands free calling. 8’’ LCD screen, rear view camera, GPS navigation system, automatic climate control, airbags, cruise control and blind spot monitors. Features for which you will have to pay an additional amount include LED lighting system, Pandora music interface, seat heaters and entertainment system.

2015 Honda Accord interior


2015 Honda Accord has been redesigned and undergone some significant changes. Body dimensions have not been much tampered with but inclusion of alloy wheels and added range of colors make it stand apart. Keeping buyer satisfaction in mind it will be launching hybrid version along with coupe and sedan models.

Use of aluminum in construction will reduce weight and make it stronger at the same time. Front bumper has been re-jigged along with addition of rear spoilers, LED headlights and modern wheel design.


2015 Honda Accord will have two engine options keeping in mind your demands of power. Basic engine includes 2.4-liter DFI (Direct Fuel Injection) engine displacing 185 horsepower and producing a maximum torque value of 181 lb-ft. If you want a more powerful engine with not much tension about fuel economy then you can go for the other option which is a 3.5-liter V6 engine displacing 278 horsepower and producing a maximum torque of 252 lb-ft. Hybrid option will have an additional electric powertrain with 2-liter Atkinson electric motor powered by Li-Ion battery displacing 196 horsepower and producing max torque of 226 lb-ft.

2015 Honda Accord rear

Fuel Economy:

2015 Honda Accord has been known to offer good fuel economy and same can be expected this time around with values lying in the same range. 2015 Honda Accord has its engine couple with six speed manual gearbox transmission system with multiple drive options.

2015 Honda Accord: Price & Release Date

2015 Honda Accord may have a base price of $25,000 which may go up to $40,000 depending upon high-end trims and better packages. Its first look will be unveiled in 2014 autumn and then will go on sale few months after that.

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