2015 Ford Thunderbird convertible

The Ford Thunderbird is making a comeback to the market in a refreshed form in the year 2015. This model is going to receive some significant changes which will be based on the contemporary needs of global car enthusiasts. This is another car from Ford that will undergo some changes both in its performance as well as appearance. It is a legendary car which and this time it will re-appear in a new concept. The 2015 Ford Thunderbird will be launched on as the model will be celebrating its 60th anniversary. The first model was first launched in 1955, and this refreshed model will be a very huge achievement for the company.

2015 Ford Thunderbird side (2)


This new 2015 Thunderbird will be based on a new platform known as T-bird. This platform utilizes the use of lightweight materials which include aluminum. Its manufacturers have adopted this strategy in a bid to enhance the 2015 Ford Thunderbird fuel economy. Its exterior appearance will be redefined by acquiring some steep lines in its front side. Its grille will also be redesigned two include two extra spoilers. Its wheelbase will be increased as well, and it will greatly enhance this model’s stability. Furthermore, the 2015 Ford Thunderbird will be able to move on tough terrains with its increased wheelbase.

Inside this car, it will be extremely luxurious owing to the redefined comfort. Given the increased wheelbase, its interior space will also increase making this model sufficient enough to accommodate a full family. Its leg and had room will also be increased. There will be room for additional equipments inside this new auto. As for its seats, they will be covered using high quality luxurious leather. Again, this model will come with an extended less coupe which will stretch from the C column. This is one of the innovative features which are being incorporated in this model to make it more stylish.

2015 Ford Thunderbird interior


This model is expected to utilize a similar engine like that of the current model, or to be equipped with one of Ford’s new engines. The most likely engine option in the 2015 Ford Thunderbird is a 3.9 liter V8 which is able to deliver 390 horsepower. Its engine will comprise of a five speed automatic gearbox in addition to a multiport power hypodermic shot. Since the 2015 Ford Thunderbird will be a more efficient model, its engine will be more environmental friendly and it will greatly reduce this model’s fuel consumption. The engine is also expected to have a number of superior options which will be aimed at meeting the buyers’ expectations. Again, this engine is expected to generate better performance rates than those of former models owing to the improvements which have been carried out on this new model.

2015 Ford Thunderbird cabriolet

2015 Ford Thunderbird: Release Date and Price

To date, there is no information regarding its actual price. However, the 2015 Ford Thunderbird is expected to cost almost the same price of $ 30 000. This is another marketing strategy aimed at maximizing its sales since it will be affordable. Most prospective buyers will find this price quite favorable considering the luxurious features which are being added into it. As for its release date, this machine is highly anticipated to be in the market before the end of 2015.

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