2015 Dodge Journey- Modified with better performance of design

2015 Dodge Journey falls under the category of Crossover SUV. Dodge is a top level company when it comes to SUV’s with good performance and equally good design. It is a division of Chrysler. Journey was first displayed in 2008 and it started running on road in 2009. Currently it is in its first generation of production but undoubtedly 2015 Dodge Journey will undergo many substantial changes.

These changes are essential if the American automobile manufacturers want to keep up in this competitive market. There are several changes made to the design of this car, both exterior and interior, other than upgrading of engine models.

2015 Dodge Journey front


Several noticeable changes are supposed to take place in the exterior design of 2015 Dodge Journey which is bound to make it more attractive than the previous version. First look suggests that is more imposing and muscular than previous models. Rectangular headlights come with new LED lighting.

Lower central part is pretty heavy and contains wide chrome pipes which are crucial for maintaining aero-dynamics. Overall body design with aero dynamics is much improved in the model. Both bumpers and fenders are redesigned and look unique. It comes in the basic five door version along with three pairs of side windows. Tailgate comes with LED design. Overall looks of 2015 Dodge Journey can be surprisingly pleasant.

2015 Dodge Journey rear


Interior design of 2015 Journey is quite advanced equipped with many high-tech gadgets. Cabin is big and comfortable with a lot of space. Seats are made up of excellent quality leather which makes them very comfortable. Front seats and steering wheel comes with auto heating technology. In central control you can find an Uconnect touch screen of 8.4 inches which is primarily for driver interface. It is equipped with Garmin navigation system with some 3-D features.

2015 Dodge Journey interior

2015 Dodge Journey: Engine and Performance

2015 Dodge Journey comes with two main engine options. There is a 2.4L four cylinder engine with 16 valves, which produces 173hp and 166lb/ft of torque. It comes with the base model. There is another high-end engine option of a 3.6L Pent star V6 engine. It is equipped with computer intake and exhaust system. It produces 236 HP and 260lb/ft of torque which is much better than any previous model. It also comes with six speed automatic transmission. Base model comes with front wheel drive. More details regarding powertrain are yet to be released by the company.

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