2015 Acura ILX lower price compact sedan

Acura is going to release affordable as well as desirable 2015 Acura ILX. This small sedan is going to attract the entry level market with its sporty look and fuel efficiency. Of course, you will not expect very luxurious car as it will not cost a lot of money.It has been seemed that there will be not be much high quality, expensive items in this sedan because of its low price. But you can’t blame the company for this as they try to give an entry level sedan to younger drivers. It will be one of the best models of 2015 which comes with a pleasant, comfortable driving and stylish compact design.

2015 Acura ILX front


If you compare 2015 Acura ILX with its price you may find that it is a well equipped luxury sedan. The interior has a quality center stack, which is installed in such a position so that the driver can see it comfortably. The cabin is spacious enough so that people feel comfortable. Both the front as well as the rear seats are well designed and give this vehicle an elegant look.

2015 Acura ILX interior


This attractive sedan has great exterior looks. It is assumed that the interior of 2015 Acura ILX has some similarities with the Honda civic. But in the case of exterior there are no such similarities. It will have long hood and the rear deck is smaller.


The 2015 Acura ILX comes with two different power options. One option has a 150 horsepower 2.0 liter engine with a 5 speed automatic transmission, which can produce 140 lb-ft of torque and this will have mpg 24 in the city road and 35 on the highway. This is enough to satisfy most of the people. But if you are not happy with this, you may go for a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine of horsepower 201 which will have a six speed manual transmission system. However the fuel economy is 22mpg and 31 mpg here in the city and highway respectively.

2015 Acura ILX side


The 2015 Acura ILX is one of the cheapest cars available in the market, but it has some great features like Bluetooth hands free technology, camera for rear view, climate control, etc. Of course, there are some packages which can be used to upgrade its features.

2015 Acura ILX: Price

The 2015 Acura ILX has two options from which you can choose any. The base price of 2.0 liter engine will be around $27,050 and 2.4 liter engine will be $29,350.

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